Birthdays, Boxes & Youtube

Today is my husband Steven’s birthday.  He was at work until about an hour ago, when he surprised Jake and me and came home early!  I love early days.  Even one day with a “normal” work/home schedule is a treat around here.  I know we’ll never have typical weekends, or even a typical family evening schedule, so these days are precious to me.  Anyway, we had gone to lunch earlier this afternoon, and Jake was such a trooper.  He put up with a late lunch and a very late nap without a problem, and I was very proud of him.

Speaking of Steven’s birthday…I didn’t get him anything.  I feel like a terrible wife, even though he could never tell me what he wanted.  Steven’s not the kind of guy you get random gifts for.  Give him something you know he wants/will use or it’s wasted money.  And considering it would have been HIS wasted money, it’s best that I just say “absolutely” the next time he mentions something a bit outlandish that he would like to buy.  I swear, he’s the most difficult person to buy presents for.  So, we’ll go get some Korean comfort food for dinner, watch more Game of Thrones (no spoilers!), and call it a night.  Sounds like a perfect evening to me.


  Have you ever heard of Influenster?  If not, I’d take a moment to check out their About Page, because they do a much better job of explaining exactly what it is that they do than I ever could.  That being said, I was selected to receive their latest VoxBox, which included a variety of Mary Kay items!  I finally received it yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to open it up!  I even made an unboxing video, which is pretty brief, but I’ll be reviewing the items that I received on here this week.  I hope you’ll take a moment to watch!  I’ve been really debating starting a vlog that I’d update every couple of days or use to supplement this blog.  Thoughts?  It’s not like I do too many exciting things around here, but I think it would be fun.  I enjoy editing photos/videos and YouTube seems like a good creative outlet.  Anyway, on to the video!

Note: Thanks for the awesome thumbnail option, YouTube.

Next post: Mary Kay Reviews!

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.